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Making Housing Affordable: a public discussion

Download file: Making Housing Affordable: a public discussion (Right-click to save file)

Making Housing Affordable: a public discussion was an event held at Thistle Hall in Wellington on 8 April 2013 to discuss housing affordability issues and possible solutions. It was organised by Otago PhD candidate Elinor Chisholm.

This video is of the two presentations of the night, by Charles Waldegrave (Family Centre and Joel Pringle (Australians for Affordable Housing

Australians for Affordable Housing is a national campaign for access to safe, secure and affordable housing. It is driven by coalition of more than 60 national housing, welfare and community sector organisations concerned with the challenges faced by renters and first-home buyers. Joel’s presentation suggests ways to build public support for affordable housing policies in New Zealand.

Charles looks at the effects of lack of housing affordability in New Zealand and assesses policy prescriptions to alleviate the issues.

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