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New Zealand Music

NZ Works with Chinese Instruments

Small Ensemble and Solo
Anton Killin: Melody for Violin and Yangqin
Anton Killin: Tabula Rasa
Tabea Squire: Chimaera
Chris Gendall: Group Velocity
Joe Gorman: Three Caprices
John Elmsly: A-twining
Evangelina Telfar: Eclipse
Evangelina Telfar: Synapse
Ross James Carey: Jasmine Flower
Dylan Lardell: Shells
Dylan Lardelli: Between Strings
Shen Nalin: Wan Ge (the Elegy)
Dorothy Ker: String Taxonomy
Jeroen Speak: Serendipity Fields
Gao Ping: Feng Zheng
Maarire Goodall: Ting Yu, Ting Yu (Listen to Jade, Hear Pounamu)

Large Ensemble / Orchestra / Choir
Michael Norris: Inner Phases
Dylan Lardelli: secrets, listening to the qin
Shen Nalin: Hymn to the Virtue of Wine
Shen Nalin: Text of “Wang”
David Hamilton: Asahi
David Hamilton: Looking at the Moon
David Hamilton: Two songs of the River
David Hamilton: Song of Sunset on the River
Louisa Nicklin: Moonlit Delirium
Helen Bowater: Sun Wu Kong “Monkey”
Thomas Goss: Pale Sun Over Cold Land

Works by Jack Body:
A House in Bali
The Emperor Speaks
Kindly supplied by:
SOUNZ Centre for New Zealand Music
Toi te Arapūoru
14 June 2022