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Monthly Archives: November 2017

Public Lecture: “A Community-Academic Research Partnerships that Works: The BEATS Study”

University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand, 29 August 2017

The Built Environment and Active Transport to School: BEATS Study ( spans the fields of exercise science, health, transportation, environment and education. This Dunedin-based study investigates adolescents’ transport to school habits, the neighbourhood environment and physical activity.
This presentation shares unique aspects of the study including community-based participatory approach and successful multi-sector collaborations between secondary schools, city council, community, and academia.

Dr Sandra Mandic, School of Physical Education, Sport and Exercise Sciences, University of Otago
Dr Enrique García Bengoechea, Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia
Dr Susan Sandretto, College of Education, University of Otago
Mrs Charlotte Flaherty, Dunedin City Council
Mr Gordon Wilson, Dunedin Secondary Schools’ Partnership

Moderator: Prof Guy Faulkner, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada


Annie Kentwell: “Active Living Professional Development Workshop Series: Walkshops, a Practical Education Program for Government Employees”

Tessa Pocock: “School Neighbourhood Environment and Active Transport to Secondary Schools in Dunedin, New Zealand”

Associate Professor Palma Chillón: “Modes of Commuting to University and Reasons for Mode Choice among Chilean Students”

James Young and Dr Jillian Frater: “Travel Demand Management to Change the Travel Behaviour of Commuters Returning to Work in Central Christchurch”

Associate Professor Palma Chillón: “Interventions for Promoting Active Commuting to School: An Updated Systematic Review”

Dr Daniel Camiletti Moirón: “A Longitudinal Study of the Mode of Commuting to School in Spanish Children and Adolescents: The UP&DOWN Study”

Dr Alberto Aibar Solana: “Promotion of Healthy Habits through a Participatory Action Research Process Focusing on Physical Activity”

Dr Ricardo Oliveira: “Active Living Behavior and Health Apps in Y-Generation: Do They Really Work?”

Professor Javier Zaragoza Casterad: “A Project-Based Learning Intervention to Promote Active Commuting to School in Spanish Children”