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Author Archives: Sandra Mandic

Professor Eduardo Generelo Lanaspa: “’Sigue La Huella’ An Example of a Global Approach to Promote Physical Activity”

Professor Erica Hinckson: “The Neighbourhood Environment and Activity in New Zealand Adolescents”

Joanne Clendon: “Fear and Loathing on the Footpath”

Tamara Bozovic: “Reducing Barriers to Walking in a Car-Focused Environment: The Potential for Inclusion and a Pragmatic Way Forward for Hamilton”

Dr Jennifer D. Roberts: “Active Transportation Behaviors and Perceptions among Washington DC Area Youth”

Dr Sandra Mandic: “Multidisciplinary and Multi-Sector Approach to Active Living Research: Insights from Otago, New Zealand”

Associate Professor Michael Keall: “Encouraging Cycling and Walking in New Zealand: Evaluation of the Model Communities Programme”

Professor Simon Kingham: “Benefits of and Barriers to Creating Healthy and Active Urban Environments”

Ms Helen Gillespie: “Healthy People Healthy Nature – Growing a Movement”

Ms Claire Pascoe: “Boosting Transport’s Contribution to Health”